Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

So, I kinda pulled this design out of thin air. And the thumb with “I am Sherlocked” on it is a little crowded, but a friend told me I wouldn’t be able to fit it all and I had to prove her wrong, so here it is.

We’ll just label these fall semester holiday nails. Top nails from here. The bottoms nails were found here. Thanksgiving nails copied from these.

The giraffe nails are completely copied from this lovely post, but the other two design are my own.

A black tie affair, casino night nail set. :) I painted the tuxedo nails on a friend, and she did the card nails on me.

Colorful zebra stripes. The pink ones are entitled Bourbon Street Shoes, since that was the inspiration.

Swirly nails! The red, white, and steel ones are my own creation. I started the swirls to cover up flaws in the tips. And the green, silver, and black ones were an adaptation of the same design. Also, my sneaky attempt to convert my Hufflepuff friend to Slytherin.

Two different attempts at peacock nails. Both from outside sources. Everyone else liked the colorful peacock nails better at first, but I always loved the muted line peacock nails.

Summery nails! Most came from outside sources, but the patterned flower nails were my own design. Well, less of a design and more of a chance to play with my new dotting tool. The butterfly didn’t come out as well as the inspiration, because the background was too light. The tennis shoes came from here. And the sailor nails were adapted from these and these.

Random different holidays. And another attempt at Rocky Horror nails. This time I copied another’s, but changed a few things. Also, they took me three hours! So not fun. But Siri liked them. And the Day of the Dead nails were my own design, and also took several hours.

And it comes out: I’m a proud geek! The nerdfighter and Dr. Who nails are my own designs. The other four, not so much. Stormtroopers, ‘shrooms, snitches, and toys.